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Vote for your favorite veteran or Active Duty Military member below to win a luxury mattress from Fred's Beds, valued at $999!

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Our Finalists' Stories


George, a Vietnam Veteran, is one of a long line in a family that served: his father was in WWII and his two brothers also served in Vietnam. When he first arrived in Vietnam at just 19, he was tasked with the huge responsibility of helicopter crew chief, flying missions to recover downed helicopters and crew. Sadly, when he returned home, he suffered from PTSD and societal disrespect, but ultimately rejoined the Army, serving during peacetime.

George is a hero to Joan, his wife of 51 years, and their two children and four grandchildren. A true patriot, he continues to honor his country by serving with the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Cumming supporting other Veterans.


David served in the Army in the 101st Airborne division for eight years.  After his first deployment to South Korea, he married the love of his life, Shelly, before a second deployment to Afghanistan.  As she says, “we just couldn’t wait to get married!”

Now home, he continues to serve and protect as a police officer for the City of Milton, working stressful, physical 12+ hour shifts.  His two young sons are so proud of their dad, and his wife would love to spoil him with a great new mattress!


At only 19, Chris was sent directly to Iraq.  He was one of the first units sent to Falluja and was thrust into Operation Iraq Freedom, tasked with the highly dangerous mission of providing security at election booths, ensuring that all Iraqi citizen would be free to place their votes in safety.  He served in Iraq for 18 months, and in the Army a total of eight years.

After coming home, his family thought he was safe.  Sadly, after his return he was hit by an underinsured, texting driver and suffered massive head injuries and an amputated leg.  With his family and friends’ support, he has proceeded with a wonderful life and a beautiful wife, but is stuck with massive medical bills of over $800,000.  A new bed would be a blessing to him and his new bride.